In order for an echo to be heard, a sound needs to be made.  The sound of love is oftentimes the most prevalent sound that lasts long into the echo.  But love is not always the sweet sound of wind chimes singing in the breeze or waterfalls cascading in the distance.  Sometimes love is the sound of sobbing in the dark or the heart-wrenching silence of wanting someone you can’t have and watching her from a distance.  Those sounds last well into the years until the echo is all that is remembered and the original sound has long since faded.

Some try to petrify the echo in time with deposits of tears and hopeful yearning, reaching back into the past to capture something that had never been there.  But ultimately, an echo is just an illusory craving for something heard only by the bearer of the echo as it perennially resonates in his head until he believes that somehow she too can hear his heart beat against his chest with the sounds of a love she never knew existed.

And when the echo evanesces, the clamorous ringing of loss becomes its replacement so that instead of feeling the sting of unrequited love anymore, he hurts for a love he could no longer remember having forgotten.


Unrequited Love” by Pichu

** Featured image by Zeiva (


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